Aluminium The ideal material for new building & renovation market

productsSlim as it is, aluminium is the material which offers the greatest glazing surface. It allows the realisation of large openings of all shapes, favoring maximum light penetration and space effect.

The mechanical properties and aesthetic qualities of this metal make it an essential and crucial component of the construction world. These properties have enabled it to perfectly meet the requirements of the most sophisticated and futuristic architects & resulting in enhancing the architectural qualities of new or renovated construction.

productsAluminum is a robust, stable & incombustible element; It remains new for numerous years, highlighting the quality of the work & guarantying the satisfaction of the clients.

Furthermore, Aluminum is environment friendly: it is a 100% recyclable, saves energy & complies with the new regulation in force.

The concept

A system designer for over 30 years, Installux offers a comprehensive range for the fabrication of Traditional & Thermal break hinged & sliding frames for doors and windows for new building and renovation, and for all installation conditions.

Increasing efficiency was the main drive in the product development process. Reduction of fabrication time has been achieved by maximizing the utilization of automated punching tool machining, which facilitates fabrication & guarantees top quality finished products. The total machining & tooling has been also reduced to a minimum, in order to simplify fabrication.

All our profiles have the NF Certificate (French standards) & the most demanding quality stamps assuring longevity & performance. The stringently controlled powder coating process is validated by the Qualicoat stamp, which guarantees longevity even in the most aggressive environments. As for anodization, the Qualanod stamp stands for a uniform, standard respecting treatment.